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2021 Culinary Tourism Webinar Series

The Tourism Industry Association of Canada in partnership with TIABC is happy to offer these free, online webinars to tourism operators and organization on culinary tourism development. Five themed webinars will assist small and medium tourism operators and partners develop culinary tourism strategies to maintain their businesses and attract domestic visitors and international visitors once Canada is ready to welcome them again.
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Attracting Culinary Tourists Webinar 
Friday, March 12th at 9:00am PT (10am MT)
Through an in-depth look at the relationship between food & drink and tourism, this webinar explores how to appeal to visitors who are seeking a rich experience. Topics covered, including how to integrate foodways into existing value propositions, serve as the foundation for considering the culinary tourist as a market segment that can be grown through strategic marketing and promotion.
This webinar will be delivered Friday March 12th as part of the upcoming BC Tourism & Hospitality Conference – registration opening soon!


Multisensory Experience Development Webinar
Tuesday, March 16th at 10:00am PT (11:00am MT)
Elevating visitor experiences through meaningful and memorable interactions with food & drink is good for business. This webinar provides an overview of a process for creating experiences that align with culinary tourism readiness standards and best practices.
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Partnering For Success Webinar 
Thursday, March 18th at 9:00am PT (10:00am MT)
This webinar tackles the question of how to collaboratively harness the growth potential of culinary tourism. It covers the co-creation of value, and what this means for the development of innovative products and experiences, along with the challenges and opportunities associated with partnerships.
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Growing Agritourism Webinar
Thursday, March 25th at 8:00am PT (9:00am MT)
This webinar begins with an introduction to the concept of agritourism as a subset of culinary tourism, followed by an examination of the diversified use of agricultural land through tourism-related activities that are focused on food producing people, places, and processes. In addition to showcasing best practices in agritourism, this workshop covers agritourism experience development challenges and opportunities.
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Exceeding Expectations Webinar 
Wednesday, March 31st at 8:00am PT (9:00am MT)
The opportunity cost of not adding value at every stage of the visitor experience is high. This webinar explains how to use culinary tourism experiences as a medium through which to transfer significant value and values to customers.
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