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Canada’s Tourism Vision
The past year was a record one for Canadian tourism, and with Canada’s New Tourism Vision ,the Government of Canada has a clear plan to build on this success, continue growing the tourism sector and create jobs for many years to come.

Canada’s Tourism Vision, providing Canadian tourism businesses and operators with up-to-date information on Canadian tourism. This action supports three of the vision’s commitments:

  • Increasing the number of international tourists to Canada by 30 percent by 2021.
  • Doubling the number of Chinese visitors by the same year.
  • Positioning Canada to compete for a top 10 destination ranking by 2025

Destination BC Tourism Research
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Destination BC – Value of Tourism
Destination BC’s Value of Tourism in British Columbia report summarizes information on the economic value the tourism industry contributes to the province. This publication summarizes 10 years of tourism revenue, gross domestic product, and business and employment data. Visitor volume and market origin data are also summarized. The latest Value of Tourism in British Columbia (2013) documents can be viewed here:
Value of Tourism in British Columbia – A Snapshot of 2014

For more information on Destination BC’s industry performance research, please visit:

Research Guide For Tourism Operators
A Destination BC Tourism Business Essentials guide, Research Guide for Tourism Operators: The Essential Guide on How To Conduct Tourism Research, explains why tourism research is important for tourism businesses and operators. The guide provides direction on how to conduct tourism research, what type of information can be collected, how to process, analyze and evaluate research results, and where additional guidance can be found.

Destination BC Tourism Research – by Activity
Destination BC produces reports on various tourism activities. The reports can be found at:

Canadian Camping and RV Council (CCRVC)
CCRVC represents the RV Manufacturers Association, the RV Dealers Association and the campground owners associations from across Canada. In 2014 the CCRVC commissioned the first ever economic impact study to assess the contributions of the camping sector as a whole. The objective of the study is to illustrate the impact of Canada’s camping industry on our country’s economy and its significance as an economic driver at the provincial and national levels.

The 2014 Economic Impact study of the camping industry for Canada and BC and be found at:

BC Stats Tourism Publications and Data

go2HR – Labour Demand
go2HR estimates that BC will have a need almost 100,000 new job openings over the next decade. This demand exceeds many of the other industries in our province.

Temporary Foreign Worker Program – Temporary Foreign Worker Program – Report of the Standing Committee on Human Resources, Skills and Social Development and the Status of Persons with Disabilities, September 2016.